Welcome to ExodusEXT


The main focus of the project is launching our own Marketplace and ExodusEXT Wallet

What is ExodusEXT ?

ExodusEXT is a BSC blockchain based decentralized platform and cryptocurrency, We aim to grow a strong fan community around our token. The main focus of the project is launching our own Marketplace and Wallet.

How to buy ExodusEXT Token ?

Listing Details


Ticker: EXODUS(EXT).

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000.

Official CA: 0xD536851e2BD9b3B8EA6a46b32016D7f52B1e43270xD536851e2BD9b3B8EA6a46b32016D7f52B 0 0xyD536851e2BD9b3B8EA6a46b32016D7f52BxD536851e2BD9b3B8EA6a46b32016D7f52B



How to Buy ExodusEXT Token on TXBIT.IO Exchange


Step 1: Go to Txbit.io Exchange through your Phone Browser:


Step 2: Create an Account:


Create an account on TXBIT.IO Exchange website through the link provided below:


Official website: TXBIT.IO  



Step 3: Deposit USDT Pair into your Txbit.io account:


Copy the USDT deposit address from your TXBIT.IO account dashboard and send your desired amount. 


Step 4: Buy Exodus Token:


After depositing USDT into your account, navigate to the market and search for Exodus or EXT.

Place an order to buy the token.



Step 5: Order confirmation:


Congratulations! You have just bought ExodusEXT.

Strategic Plans


Token Creation

Token's Social Media account creation

Liquidity Provider and Locking


Website Launch

Token listing on TXBIT.IO Exchange✅

Listings on Coingecko and coinmarketcap...


Marketing, advertising, and promotions...

Audit & KYC....

Airdrop to 2,500 Holders..
ERC-20 Token Breach..
5% token burn..

Tokenomics and Upcoming Event


Total Supply:-1,000,000,000.

Buy & Sell Tax:0%.


Airdrop event after 2 Major Exchange listing.

upcoming event

ExodusEXT Token have scheduled a 4% token burning event.

Decentralized and Centralized market goals